Friday, August 31, 2007

car designing.............

The earliest stage of the design process is the creation of initial concept sketches. The sketches are a relatively quick way to visualise ideas, themes and styles. In a typical design studio, a team of designers may be asked to submit initial ideas for a vehicle which will subsequently be narrowed down and further developed. Often, a dozen or so initial ideas will be evaluated, with further development of two or three before a final solution is chosen. At each stage, designers whose work is not chosen will be redeployed to assist in the development of the chosen ideas or posted to another project. Typically, one team is responsible for the interior whilst another takes charge of the exterior.
The interior rendering above is a hand-drawn, highly finished view of the dashboard of the Avantime. Following initial ideas, after resolving the view, proportions and perspective a rendering like this is produced. It is drawn lightly in pencil before colour is added using markers. This illustration uses mainly light yellows and cool greys. The metallic effect is achieved by banding white with very light blues. Additional light, shade and line definition is added with coloured pencil. Light mapping lines (as visible vertically on the driver's door) are sometimes used to help illustrate changes in form in addition to colour and tone

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